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Speaker Panels

Emergent Fund Strategies 

Each panelist will share a perspective on the growth of new fund strategies such as crossover funds, evergreen funds, search funds, ESG / impact investing, etc., and how that affects strategy, recruitment, and dealmaking.

International Investing

This panel will feature speakers covering different regions outside the U.S. Each panelist will share a perspective about opportunities abroad in developed and emerging economies, and how risk, investing strategies, and markets differ compared to the U.S.

Web3 & Metaverse

A discussion about the next iteration of the internet, touching on new applications and infrastructure enabling consumers, creators, and brands to own pieces of the internet and engage in interconnected digital worlds. 

Technology in Healthcare

A discussion around trends in digital health, how the decrease in public market valuations have affected appetite for new digital health investments. 

B2B SaaS Panel 

A discussion around current trends in enterprise software touching on opportunities for disruption and what the next generation tech stack will look like.

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