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Panel Discussions

Partners and principals from leading asset management firms  will participate in the panel discussions, sharing their insights on the current stage and future of investing.

Session 1 - Investing Panels

12:45-1:30pm ET

Location: TBD

Investing Stages

Discussion on the emergence of new fund strategies including: crossover funds, evergreen funds, and publicly listed funds and how that affects firm strategies, recruitment, and dealmaking.

International Investing

Opportunities abroad in developed and emerging economies, and how  investing strategies and markets differ compared to the U.S.

Session 2 - Industry Panels

3-5:15 pm ET

Location: Klarman

 Web3 & Metaverse

A discussion about the next iteration of the internet, touching on new applications and infrastructure enabling consumers, creators, and brands to own pieces of the internet and engage in interconnected digital worlds. What are the use cases that create fundamental value after the crypto crash and receding hype around the Meta rebranding? How can new companies displace entrenched incumbents and achieve mass adoption?

Digital Health

A discussion around trends in digital health, how the decrease in public market valuations have affected appetite for new digital health investments. Can there be true digital first platforms or do you think tech and services are necessary in healthcare? What is the next wave of digital health innovation? Is there a playbook around a successful GTM strategy? Can growth equity and PE play a role in digital health innovation?

Enterprise Technology

A discussion around current trends in enterprise software. What spaces have matured and where are opportunities for disruption still? What will the next generation tech stack for specific industries look like?

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